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About Landmark Property Management


Landmark Property Management was formed in 1986 and has remained the premier property management company in the Olympic Region. Founder Ann Cline decided to concentrate her talents on real estate rental management, instead of sales. Her small office under Sequim’s looming Grain Tower gave her the idea for the name for her new endeavor. This structure still stands, and is recognized as a landmark in town.

Serendipitously, Landmark’s current co-owner Linda Ennes and her late husband Dave had just sold their real estate business. Ann and Linda joined forces and established a mission to become a “Landmark” in property management in Sequim.

Once the Sequim office was thriving, Ann opened a Landmark office in Port Angeles, while Linda managed the original Sequim location. When Ann Cline retired, the two operations were separated and Linda Ennes and her daughter-in-law, Heidi, purchased the Sequim operation, where the company now resides.

Linda Ennes has now retired after 26 years in the business, having installed her son Greg Ennes in her place to work alongside his wife and Designated Broker, Heidi (herself a 20 year veteran in the industry).


Standards of excellence

Since 1986 Landmark has based our company on two core principles:


-We are experts in the full scope of rental rules and regulations

-Both the tenant and landlord must be satisfied for us to succeed


Landmark’s focus has never wavered. We are not sales agents. Our business is rentals. We manage single-family residences, apartments, multiplexes, condos, and commercial property.

Our staff is schooled in Landlord-Tenant Laws, Fair Housing Standards, and HUD regulations. More than that, we understand that the successful property management arrangement is based on the relationship that involves the property owner, the tenant, and ourselves. We have over 25 years experience in successfully negotiating those relationships within the confines of all applicable laws.


We pride ourselves on integrity and dependability. We want to continue to serve the community we live in.




Please Note:

"This company does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports, a.k.a portable tenant screening reports."


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