Properties By Landmark: Residential Rental Criteria


  • Fully completed application with a non-refundable fee of $43 for each applicant. Payable either by credit/debit card or money order to MOCO Inc.
  • Multiple applicants are accepted or denied as a unit.
  • All residents over 18 years of age must be screened and approved in order to reside on the premises.
  • Income at least 3 times the rent and verifiable.
  • Pay minimum of first month’s rent and deposit in advance of move-in.
  • Furnish good rental references from previous landlords/owners or provide other acceptable references.
  • Good credit standing. Credit will be looked at on an individual basis. Reports with on-going credit problems will be rejected.
  • Premises used for living purposes only.
  • Valid photo ID of each applicant.
  • Proof of renter’s Insurance is required. No less than $300,000 combined single limits and $5,000 medical.



  • History of property destruction. (However, if history is older than 3 years and can provide proof of payment in full, a higher deposit may be accepted to qualify.)
  • Debt owed to previous landlords/owners.
  • Prior evictions.
  • Exceed HUD occupancy standards.
  • Violent crimes against another or property damage.
  • Falsifying information.
  • Incomplete application.
  • History of rodent & bug infestation or damage related to it could be a disqualifier.



  • Pets allowed at manager’s discretion.
  • Screened and qualified co-signers may be accepted in some cases. Co-signer screenings cost $16.50
  • All properties are “no smoking” inside units.


  • Return the completed application (with payment to MOCO, Inc.) to:
Properties by Landmark, Inc.
609 W. Washington St. #4, Sequim, WA 98382


Or fax to (360) 683-3556 along with a copy of photo ID, agency disclosure signature page and credit card authorization page for screening fee.


Disclosure:     If you have interest in knowing the location of sex offenders in relation to a rental property of interest, it is your responsibility and not the management company to do the research. This information can be obtained from local law enforcement agencies.

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