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All adults over 18 will be required to fill out a separate application regardless if they are married

If you are serious about finding a rental in the Sequim-Port Angeles area, read the criteria on this page. To get started, contact us directly, or download and fill out the rental screening form below. (Please Note: The last 5 pages of the application are for you to keep, no need to fax or email back to us)

Download Application

Before you fill out the application, please read:

Each adult is required to submit a separate fully completed application and Pet Questionnaire (if applicable), for a specific property. 

  • $43 non-refundable screening fee (credit/debit card or money order payable to MOCO Inc)
  • 4 Signatures (Signed Application, Signed Law of Real Estate disclosure & acknowledgement of Residential Rental criteria, Credit Card Authorization page if applicable)
  • Government issued Photo ID (Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport)
  • Proof of income (gross must amount to 3 times the monthly rent)
  • Any supporting documents necessary to qualify (eg. additional references, letter of employment, last 3 month’s bank statements or pay stubs, W-2’s, Social Security documentation, private pension info, etc.)

Completed Applications are accepted and processed in the order they are received.

If your present and prior addresses are not your most recent rental references, please submit them on a separate sheet of paper. Gaps in dates between your present and prior address may adversely affect the results of your screening.

A screening report will include, but may not be limited to: a credit report/credit score, a public records search, 2 rental references, and/or verification of home ownership, employment and/or income verification.

If you do not meet income requirements, you may still be eligible to rent if you are on a Government housing program, or receiving verifiable assistance. (The amount and duration of assistance will be considered when qualifying).

Moco Inc. provides Properties by Landmark with a screening report, the results of which are checked against the Residential Rental Criteria. Additional Security Deposit may be due and payable at lease signing. A co-signer may be accepted in lieu of additional deposit at property owner’s discretion.

The Holding Fee (which becomes your Security Deposit at lease signing) is due and payable within 48 hours of qualifying. If you plan to leave the area after before the application procedure is finalized, you may elect to leave the Holding Fee with Properties by Landmark to avoid costly overnight mailing fees.

The first month's rent is due in full, along with any additional Security and Pet Deposits at lease signing. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits any discussion of your credit details. You may receive a copy of your Consumer Rights, giving details on how to obtain the information given in your screening report.

Proof of Renter’s Insurance: no less than $300,000 combined single limits, and $5,000 medical, must be provided at lease signing.

Your Social Security Number is kept confidential. 

Return the completed application, copy of Photo ID and payment to MOCO, Inc. to:

Properties by Landmark, Inc.
609 W. Washington St. #4, Sequim, WA 98382
Email to: or fax to (360) 683-3556

NOTE: This company does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports, a.k.a portable tenant screening reports